How can I help?

Thank you for your interest in supporting GO•REC. Whether time, effort, or financial, every contribution helps others #getoutside and learn how to thrive! GO•REC is part of Rotary Camps & Services, a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

The first and most significant thing you can do is tell your friends! One of the ways you can support us is through digital advocacy. Please take a minute to share a review with your friends and family. 


Members have some great new benefits that we can’t wait for you to enjoy!  Click to find our membership tiers. Choose “in honor of” option to give as a gift and then create your own gift certificate!


Your donation brings life to our events and our programs.  

4754 Scout Camp Road
Traverse City, MI  49696


We outfit students of our educational classes. Stoves, tents, backpacks, etc. When not in class, we rent out the gear to support our education. Consider giving an item from our wishlist.


We have a beautiful natural area we care for, a lot of champions who support our efforts, many partners who collaborate with us, and a community that is passionate alongside us. It is this collective effort that ensures our programs and this property will be available to everyone – now and in the future. 

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