About Us

GO•REC \ Greilick Outdoor Recreation & Education Center provides outdoor adventure education in the Great Lakes region. People of all ages can train in adventure leadership, outdoor skills, and recreational safety. Our outdoor classroom is 500 wooded, lakeside acres in northern Michigan where you can hike, bike, kayak, and rock climb. Rent campsites, bunkhouses, and cottages to explore the outdoors and support education. Come see for yourself!
We get people outside and teach them how to thrive.

Our goal is social good through outdoor education. We are currently mostly utilized by relocated athleisturists and local outdoor natives, urban athletes and achievers from downstate. Our core off-season skeleton crew is four full-time staff. From May through August, we double that with interns from college outdoor recreation programs across the US. We have nearly 100 years of creating passion for our natural world through outdoor experiences. 

Our Mission is...

to be a gateway to outdoor industry-informed recreation & leadership in the Great Lakes Region.

Our Vision for GO•REC is to be...

  • a resource for diverse, equitable, and inclusive public immersion in the outdoors through human-powered recreation; 
  • an innovative team of certified professionals who teach best practices in mountain biking, climbing, paddling, wilderness medicine, and backcountry skills; and…
  • a destination that embraces environmental stewardship and is sustained by diverse revenue sources. 

Our Values are...

  • The Outdoors: Responsible Stewardship of Our Natural World using Evidence-Based Ethics
  • Equitable Access: Welcoming Diversity, Equity, and Respectful Inclusion in Outdoor Areas, Activities, and Opportunity 
  • Experience: Immersion in the Outdoors through Human-Powered Recreation
  • Education: Opportunities to Learn and Use Industry Best Practices in Outdoor Recreation
  • Sustainability: Renewable Management of Revenue and Natural Resources

The GO•REC Team

Outdoor recreation and education professionals who believe to change the world you have to #getoutside …


GO•REC is thankful for people like you who make outdoor technical skills available in the Great Lakes region.

  • Lorraine & Mack Beers

History of GO•REC

Clarence Greilick, Third President Rotary Clubs of Traverse City
Clarence Greilick, Third President Rotary Clubs of Traverse City

Today GO•REC continues Clarence Greilick’s legacy through recreation opportunities and distinctive outdoor education.

The Rotary Club of Traverse City was founded in 1920. Three short years later, their third president decided to do something really significant for the five county region. Greilick was a lumberman, and furniture manufacturer. He was also a great lover of the outdoors. Clarence knew the woods, lakes, and streams of the region well. With an eye to the future, he proposed Rotary create a place where our community could enjoy healthy outdoor recreation and learn about woodlore. The club authorized $1,100 to purchase 430 wooded acres in the Spider and Rennie Lake area, 13 miles southeast of Traverse City.

The next step was the construction of a lodge. This was done by enlisting the aid of a building contractor, some members of the Kiwanis Club, and the enthusiastic help of all the Rotarians. The lodge provided a kitchen, dining and assembly hall. That endeavor proved so successful that an impressive $7,500 was then raised to purchase an additional 27 acres. The new acreage added substantial new Rennie Lake frontage and outstanding facilities for aquatic sports and activities. Control was turned over to a newly created nonprofit organization made up of representative Rotarians. Nineteen years later, then president, Jack Freethy, convinced the Rotary Club members that the properties should be deeded back to an organization controlled by the Rotary Club. And on January 6, 1955 the first Articles of Incorporation for “Rotary Camps, Inc.” were filed to take title to the camp properties. Today we know that organization as Rotary Camps & Services. 

In 2003, an agreement was made with the Grand Traverse Regional Land  Conservancy to place a conservation easement on the property. This voluntary agreement restricts development in favor of protecting natural resources and water quality. Since that time, land management has been focussed on increasing wildlife habitat with selective harvesting and prescribed burning as well as volunteer conservation efforts.

In early 2017 Rotary moved to pivot Camp Greilick into a new multi-user facility. Director Jamie Lewis Hedges came on in 2019 to bring new life to that vision. Jamie weaves his experience in outdoor education with the Rotary vision of a legacy for the community. Clarence Greilick’s vision was ahead of its time, and for GO•REC, this is our time to help create passion for our natural world.