Why is GO•REC closed to daily visitors?

Thank you for your interest in GO•REC trails and amenities. 

We’re sorry if you have been to GO•REC recently and have been unable to access our trails, greenspaces, waterfront and other amenities. We were forced to temporarily close daily access as we work with East Bay Township to rectify day-usage rights issues.

Why is this happening now?

Hasn’t Camp Greilick been operating for decades? It’s a little complicated, but since you asked…

Traverse City Rotary Club, and more recently Rotary Camps and Services, has owned Camp Greilick – now the Greilick Outdoor Recreation and Education Center, or GO•REC – since 1923. Camping, outdoor education, recreational programming, and public access to trails, woodlands and water have been offered on this site since the 1930s.

Our plans from the outset have been to continue our rich 100-year tradition of sharing our property and its natural resources to ensure that everyone in our community has safe and equitable access to outdoor recreation. Our plans include having the property open for public recreation (hiking, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, etc.), tent camping, and offering a wide array of leadership and outdoor recreation trainings and programs.

However, due to recent actions and litigation by a group of Rennie Lake neighbors who seek to restrict public access to GO•REC property and amenities, we are temporarily limited to offering our cabins, campsites, and amenities exclusively to overnight visitors. We are prohibited from allowing outdoor enthusiasts like you to visit our center and participate in our programs unless you’ve booked an overnight stay. 

This is further complicated by licensing and permitting issues. Our license to operate has been through the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Click here to see current license. We learned that GO•REC must be licensed, in addition, through the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE). We have now worked through the application process, and are licensed for 64 sites. You can find a copy of our campground license by clicking here. We are also working through securing all the requisite permitting from East Bay Township.

We remain committed to our rich 100-year tradition of serving as a trusted steward of our shared natural resources and look forward to seeing all of you at GO•REC very soon!

What is GO•REC doing to fix this?

We are seeking approval from the East Bay Township Planning Commission on a Planned Unit Development (PUD) application that, if approved, will resolve the day-use issue.

Importantly, we are NOT planning to build a housing development or any new structures on the GO•REC site. Far from it. 

If our PUD application is approved by the Township, it simply means that people like you will be allowed to come back for the day to hike, bike or ski our trails, play disc golf, kayak on the lake and participate in our other outdoor recreation and education programming. Access won’t be limited to a select few. 

Thank you for your patience – and for sharing our deep commitment to equitable access to outdoor recreation. 

In the meantime, you can help reopen access to our shared trails, woodlands, waterfront, and educational programming by supporting GO•REC services we are currently able to provide.